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The Lion's Gate Portal...Be Fierce!

The Lion’s Gate Portal is at its peak August 8th, but the energies are potent before and after. This year’s annual portal opening is very special because it’ll be occurring during a dramatic Venus Retrograde making it an extra powerful time for vision setting, intentions, and manifestation. During the Lion’s Gate Portal, you’re being asked to look beyond your current reality. Whatever you’re looking for doesn’t exist on this plane of existence but that doesn’t mean it’s unreachable. Now is your chance to harness the transformative energy of the stars.

Leo season is all about living your truth and wearing your heart on your sleeve. During the Lion’s Gate Portal, you’ll feel more into your desires. This transit will crack open your heart and connect you with the portal to your own soul expression. Sit with the worries and doubts that you have and listen to what they’re really saying. You don’t have to make radical changes to your life to radically change the life you’re living. Even the smallest, most mundane adjustments can have a lasting impact on your world. This is an opportunity to ask the stars for all the things you want.

The portal is open between July 28 and August 12, 2023, with the stars in the closest alignment on August 8, 2023. During Leo season, there is a special focus on self-expression and authenticity. You’re being called to take on all the qualities of the fierce and ferocious King of the Jungle – and step into your power. You’re honoring all the past versions of yourself and acknowledging how every failure and heartbreak has led you to where you are today.

Take some time to check in with your ego and recenter yourself. Your past isn’t something to hide or be ashamed of – it’s part of who you are and your journey to healing. If you’re someone who has a magic or esoteric practice, the Lion’s Gate Portal is an excellent time to check in with your guides.

How To Manifest During the Lions Gate Portal

The Lion's Gate Portal is a powerful time for Manifestation. From July 28 to August 12, it illuminates the Earth, activating the gateway between the physical and the spirit worlds.

Another method you can use during this portal opening is scripting and journaling. You can use the alignment of the Lion’s Gate Portal to put power behind your words. Try selecting a single power word or mantra that you feel best represents your goals for the rest of the year. Phrases like “I am always in the right place at the right time” or “Everything works out in my favor” can be a powerful way to anchor your dreams in your everyday life.

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