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Author, Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Motivational Speaker

Linda’s practice includes Intuitive Life/Business Coaching, Vibrational Healing, Workshop Facilitator and Spiritual Consultations.

As a healing intuitive, Linda calls upon a wide range of modalities to activate healing for her clients. Her experience includes healing modalities from around the world: Reiki (Japan), Pranic Healing (Philippines), Esoteric Healing (England), Huna (Hawaii), Native American (USA), Homeopathy (Germany), Hypnotherapy/Magnetism (France), Color Therapy (Egypt), Master Dowser and Shamanism.

As a teacher, Linda leads classes which motivate self-improvement, spiritual practice advancement, and self-mastery.

As a motivator and workshop facilitator, Linda’s expertise opens new pathways to understanding innate gifts, and how to apply them for a better life.

Linda is blessed to have an international following and has practiced for over 30 years.


Rev. Linda A. Warren                       

Contact: 770-715-9827

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