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Jupiter in Gemini...Dream Big

Jupiter returned to Gemini over the weekend, May 25th for the first time in 12 years. It is not just the largest planet in the solar system but the most influential when it comes to matters of growth, expansion and wisdom.

Jupiter magnifies everything it comes in contact with, and considering the highly cerebral sign of Gemini, there will be a greater emphasis on communication, intellect and how we adapt to situations overall.

Although Jupiter encourages us to dream big and reach for the stars, it’s important to keep our enthusiasm in check as we may overlook important details or take risks without proper consideration. Jupiter transits are known to bring an influx of opportunities and blessings, but this doesn’t always mean they’re practical or responsible.

While Jupiter normally prefers to indulge in the wisdom of its experiences and philosophies, Gemini is fickle, insatiably curious and quick to breeze over the surface, as opposed to delving deeply into a particular subject matter.

When you combine Jupiter’s larger-than-life persona with this air sign’s desire to gather the facts, everything from a scattered mind to information overload is more likely to occur. The dark side of Jupiter in Gemini could result in superficiality and rapid exchanges of information, as opposed to the growth and experience brought on by more meaningful exploration.

On a brighter note, Jupiter in Gemini offers the opportunity to experiment, indulge our curiosities and find wisdom through various perspectives.

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