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Elizabeth has been in practice as a healer for 18 years and practices in Roswell and
Monroe, GA under her Ga massage license #MT-2449. In her professional career she has
also received training and licensure as a doula, minister, and Arvigo® Maya Abdominal
Level 1 teacher and advanced belly therapist. She is a coach through the Natural Success
curriculum and has years of public speaking and teaching experience having taught and
led workshops in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

A body work session can include the following modalities: belly massage, myofascial
release, deep tissue, trigger point, guacha/skin scraping, lymphatic drainage, Swedish
massage, cupping, energy medicine and Arvigo® Therapy+. All of her sessions combine
trained clinical skills, intuition, intention, energy work, and years of experience. No single
session is the same. The belly and external pelvic work is one of her specialities and
favorite modalities to practice. Belly therapies (Arvigo®, Maya massage, Gentling way, Chi
Nei Tsang, European belly massage) can aid with the following:

Female Plumbing
• Pcos
• Sciatica
• Infertility
• Tail bone pain
• Endometriosis
• Menstrual pain

Low back ache
• Bladder incontinence
• Pregnancy recovery
• Unexplained belly tension
• Fertility assisted technologies
• Minor pain from falls and accidents

Male Plumbing
• Prostatitis
• Digestion
• Belly tension
• Tail bone pain
• Low back ache

To make an appointment call, text or visit her website listed here. Feel free to book a
complimentary 15-min Discovery Chat to find out more.

Belly and Body Focused Therapies

Energy Healing

Health Consultant 


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