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Elizabeth is an experienced healer, intuitive and highly sensitive human. She’s led an  eclectic and diversified life. She’s lived, worked, and studied in various countries from  China to New Zealand.  

An avid learner, nature lover, gardener, and athlete Elizabeth has over 15 years clinical  hands on experience working with folks from many walks in life. She especially enjoys  working with women, children, and anyone that classifies as a highly sensitive being.  

Most of her life has been dedicated to studying women’s issues such as breast  challenges (pain and lumps) to womb and pelvic floor care and concerns. She’s  personally cured herself of PCOS, painful periods, chronic constipation, chronic low back  ache, a retroverted/backwards uterus, and cervical dysplasia (which almost became  cancerous), all with various modalities she’s now trained and certified to offer to her  clients. 

Some of the modalities Elizabeth has trained in include energy medicine, birth (doula),  holistic pelvic floor care, remedial massage, trauma and emotional release work, fertility,  and various structural corrective belly and hip therapies. Her belly therapy trainings  include Arvigo® Maya Abdominal Therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, and the Gentling Way (from  New Zealand/Australia). She practices her hands on therapies under her Georgia  massage therapy license (#MT-2449). She is also an ordained Minister.  

Belly and Body Focused Therapies

Energy Healing

Health Consultant 


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