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Summer Solstice: Solidifying Our Collective Awakening


The 2024 Summer Solstice thrusts us into new dimensions, breaking the barriers generated by the 3D focus on materialism and self-centered individuality. The shift will be explosive; be ready to embody your soul, you, beyond conditioning and expectations, joyously.

It’s a little scary. Everything you’ve come to rely on, believe in and understand is changing. We are entering the New Earth with expanded vibrational intelligence, deeper heart wisdom, and awareness of the all-pervading Love and Oneness we know to be true. 

We are leaving behind the competitive for the collaborative and the self-centered singular for awakening together. It is an experience of freedom you haven’t known for many lifetimes. The veils are lifting, and you will not recognize yourself for a year from now.  You will discover the multiple dimensions of your being and your starseed beginnings. 

The New Earth is here, 5D you is emerging, with lots of unknowns. Will we thrive? Yes.  Is it exciting? Yes. And it is overwhelming! Yikes!

You’ve been experiencing the power of this solstice all year. The Spring Equinox led to a deeper cleansing of trauma, allowing a “spring awakening” of your soul. Now is the time to realize you are a consciousness creator in harmony with the forces of creation.  

We will gather in a sacred circle, where the toroidal field generated by our higher consciousness will take us into the experience of collective awakening. This will open the door for your next soul-directed step, your next insight, healing, and empowerment.    By Sarah Weiss-Spiritheal Institute

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