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Helpless or Hopeful, How Do We Cope With Ukraine?

Helpless or Hopeful? How Do We Cope with Ukraine?

Disturbing. Inspiring. Gut-wrenching. Faith-restoring. Anxiety-provoking.

The news and social media posts from Ukraine and neighboring countries are all of the above and more. To watch this drama unfold, invokes fear and for many a return of their PTSD. After years of dealing with Covid, there are many people with unprocessed loss and grief which makes this all very stressful. So how do you stay informed and pro-active without getting overwhelmed?

We know from the Law of Attraction that what we focus on expands. Limit your time on social media and television and as difficult as it may be, instead of reacting to the horror…focus on peace and harmony by sending energy to the region that their will can prevail. The power of intention and yes even hopes and prayers have a tremendous ability to shift energies. It may not feel like it currently, but in the universe of light, the conflict of positive and negative is overwhelmingly tipping to the good guys. The Ukraine Crisis is a perfect example of a power grab from the darker elements. But nonetheless we are witnessing a very terrifying humanitarian crisis, which can leave us feeling pretty powerless.

As they say on the airplane, administer your own oxygen first, which in this case means supporting your own mental health with physical acts, focused activities and positive thoughts. We have been on a marathon of stress while dealing with Covid. Getting a good amount of sleep and keeping a regular schedule, can help keep mood and anxiety levels within healthy levels. So can physical activity, whether it’s pulse-raising exercise, sports, yoga or just a long walk. Creative activities such as hobbies, crafts, writing or household projects can provide an outlet and distraction. And don’t forget the power of meditation, attending positive gatherings and services, listening to soothing music and taking quiet time to read a book or write in a journal. Bottom line, focus inwards and take care of you. That doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive and care about what is going on, but you have to preserve your health and wellbeing first before you have the energy to actually take action.

Rejoice in the humanitarian spirit that the crisis is bringing out. We are seeing refugees being welcomed with open arms, even in places that have not taken displaced citizens in the past. There has been a global outpouring, and daily we see more and more corporations join the cause through boycotting and sanctions. The courage of the Ukrainians is amazing, allow it to expand our own hearts. Remembering to look for the good, not just dwell on the bad, can reaffirm our faith in humanity and sustain us.

Helping others can help you feel better, too. If you have the means to give, this is a good time to consider donating to support those working on the ground in Ukraine and neighboring countries to feed, house and provide medical care for those fleeing the conflict. Look for reputable organizations and avoid individual crowd sourcing. Also seek out local resources who fund refugees. Each state has one or more charitable organizations that coordinate the resettlement of individuals and families seeking refuge. These organizations likely could use donations of food, toiletries, clothing, shoes, furniture, household goods and skilled assistance right now.

Lastly to preserve your own peace of mind, take steps to be prepared. Seeing everyday people experience sudden upheaval in Ukraine could also be the prompt you need to take action that could protect you and your family if a disaster strikes closer to home. Exerting control over the unknown in this way is a healthy coping mechanism.

Keep tuned to upcoming events at The Well of Roswell, all designed to keep you balanced and centered in this world of chaos. Come take a break by seeing one of our many talented therapists who can assist you with stress, unresolved issues or physical ailments. Mindful Mondays, a weekly meditation series to help you start your week off on a positive note is something you may want to check out.

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