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Ahsaki Kai is clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, claircognizant, a medium/channel and empathic. She is passionate about using her gifts and talents to help her clients overcome obstacles through psychic therapy, spiritual counseling, hypnotherapy and teaching them to connect with their intuition. Many of her clients are million dollar coaches, Shamans, spiritual teachers, leaders and light-workers.


Ahsaki is a natural intuitive. First coming into awareness of her ability at around age four, she has spent a lifetime honing her skills through a career that has encompassed social work, counseling, sales and marketing. Those experiences combined with specialized training and certifications in Advanced Spiritual Counseling, Hypnotherapy, and Reiki have enabled her to serve thousands of clients, all over the world, with answers that bring them clarity, direction and a sense of peace.


Ahsaki has always had influences of service to the community in her own family with a mom who worked in social work and a father who served honorably in the US Marines. From a very early age, Ahsaki was active in her community serving and learning. When she was older she gravitated to industries that created positive outcomes especially for those in the most need. With a great love for self-development and wanting to see growth in others, it was a natural transition for her to pursue spiritual teaching and coaching.


Her intuitive gift has led her to a unique stance on the self-development: “My self-development, spiritual and emotional evolution has catapulted since connecting strongly to my intuitive force”. She has often said it is the most important connection any person will ever know as connection to Source energy is connection to God. It is with this understanding that Ahsaki came to coaching Intuitive Development, Level 1 (ID1), both in groups and individually.


During the summer of 2016, Ahsaki visited Brazil at the request of a client and simultaneously visited the widely noted John of God. During this time, Ahsaki downloaded and transcribed a great deal of information including the curriculum and processes to assist others in developing their own intuition. It was at this point that Ahsaki could see and understand the vision of her purpose, as she was told about how she would serve for many years to come….


As she is a big believer that you cannot take anyone where you have not been (in relation to spiritual counseling and teaching), Ahsaki’s specialty is working with people who may be on a spiritual journey or awakening.


She is proud to be true to her passions and purpose while helping so many extraordinary people reach their own truth, because it’s impossible to describe in mere words the magnitude of being present for the “wow” and “ah-ha” moments.

(470) 430-5090

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