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Ahsaki Kai; Advanced Spiritual Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychic Healer


Ahsaki Kai uses her passion and gifts to help clients overcome obstacles through psychic coaching, spirit-led hypnotherapy and integrative healing. 


Her natural ability to harness energy, psychic information and hypnotherapy techniques allows her to guide clients with precision and direction to their greatest heights.

She has intuitively led clients to over 40 million dollars in savings during the pandemic. She has guided women on the brink of suicide from despair  to a unique sense of clarity and purpose, and Ahsaki has led groups and individuals to hundreds of thousands in profit for their businesses. 


Ahsaki takes special pride in molding spiritual and holistic  entrepreneurs and has led many to success with large client lists. In her most transformative work she guides healers, wayshowers and other spirit-led individuals not only embody their unique gifts but tap into their spiritual “zone of genius”.  Connecting her clients to their calling, their soul-led path, their purpose while developing their understanding as a practitioner and carefully curating their business presence is truly where Ahsaki Kai shines and does her best work. 


Ahsaki is all the clair’s and a super empath. She has decades of experience as a psychic, healer, counselor, coach and teacher.  While psychic ability is her first love and a guaranteed great experience for her client, she uses all the tools in her arsenal to assist her clients in creating amazing outcomes.


Ahsaki Kai is available for individual psychic soul sessions and hypnotherapy, group sessions guided meditations and coaching to identify life-purpose. She is a trusted source of peace and clarity amongst her peers as a go-to for their own processing and that of family and friends.


Your calling and your path are just a call away!


Ahsaki Kai

Phone: (888) 548-1131



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