"People can be happy only in one way, and that is if they are authentically themselves. Then the springs of happiness start flowing; they become more alive, they become a joy to see, a joy to be with; they are a song, they are a dance."

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We honor the Power of Three with Donna Futrell, Stacy Preece and Becky Arrington who are three powerful women with amazing healing abilities, joining their energies together to share space, create community and manifest hope, healing and happiness.

The energy of the space and the practitioners promote authenticity, empowerment and alignment of the body, mind and soul.

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Becky Arrington is a Success Strategist, Clinical Alchemical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Hypnosis Instructor through the National Guild of Hypnosis. Her highly developed intuitive and visionary insight as a psychic channel positions her perfectly to help clients look deeper to see the blockages at work within their business or personal lives. Her transformation strategies differ from other standard training and mindset technologies and coaching because it co-mingles the clients’ “untapped” wisdom with a new success model. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, the alchemical techniques she uses, allows clients to clear massive amounts of blocks either from childhood, prior experiences or past lives in a very short period of time and the results are sustainable.  

Her Soulful Selling Solutions program assists transformational entrepreneurs get clear in their business by addressing mindset, methodology and messaging. The program has a spiritual basis that combines the new 5th Dimensional energies with the 3rd Dimensional business realities. Becky’s experience as a former corporate Vice President in retail design and sales with over three decades of leadership and consulting experience, teaching and facilitation expertise coupled with her intuitive gifts positions her perfectly to be that bridge to help Conscious Business owners take their spirit based businesses to a new level of sustainable success. 

Becky also offers a concentrated root cause block clearing program that can be offered outside the Soulful Selling Solutions format for people who are not interested in the business portion. This is called The Blockbuster and is designed to quickly and effectively get to the root cause of your issues and clear them. Isn’t it time to stop dragging around baggage filled with clothes that no longer fit? 

Located in Atlanta, GA her work extends around the globe and sessions can be done via video chat. However consider a one on one session in person to fully take advantage of the incredible energy and transformation that occurs. Consider a VIP day to meet Becky and clear away all the limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you. Regardless of which type of session or program you choose, the most important thing is that you are now ready to move beyond the issues that have been stopping you from your success.

Stop Sabotaging and Start Succeeding!

Through extensive training in anatomy coupled with an innate sense of knowing where pressure is held in the body, Donna is able to locate, move and clear disturbances that lead to dis-ease Releasing the pressure valves brings the body into balance and.....read more

Stacy is an Intuitive Development Coach, Internationally Certified Master Addictions Coach, Certified in Case Management and Relapse Prevention, a Certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Teacher, Speaker, Recovery Dharma Facilitator, Ordained Pastor and Spiritual Advisor, Professional Chef, Reiki Master and Energy Healer, and a Member of the Peer Advisory Board of Forsyth's own Recovery Community The Connection.

However, she feels her greatest accomplishment today is that she is a person in long term recovery. 

After achieving sobriety and upon having had a Spiritual Awakening, Stacy decided to dive into the spiritual roots of all addictions as well as the physical and mental roots. She believes there are many paths to Recovery and is always seeking out new ways to reach people who are suffering to remind them of their own personal strength. With many techniques and systems she helps people see that through their adversity we build strength and compassion and with these foundations we can have a skill set that builds on person empowerment through connecting and understanding the Universe we live in today.

With an open mind and an open heart, she uses many tools, mindfulness techniques and various methods to help others in the paths she has walked, find the answers their sould has been telling them but have not had the faith to listen and then follow their Divine Guidance. She knows first hand that we must believe in ourselves to lead ourselves out of the darkness and remember our Light.

The Power of Three Wellness Package

We honor the Power of Three with Donna Futrell, Anne Ferguson and Becky Arrington who are three powerful women with amazing healing abilities, joining their energies together to share space, create community and manifest hope, healing and happiness.


The Power of Three Wellness Package is a value of $450 for the cost of $333.00 and includes:


2 Polarity Therapy Sessions (75 min ea) $150 value

2 Higher Brain Living Sessions (45 min ea) $197 value

1 Table Talk Session (1.5 hours total) $150 value


The Power of Three Wellness Package is a taste of all healers and modalities, each guaranteed to bring you great healing, clarity and connection. This is a phenomenal value and an excellent opportunity to see how The Well of Roswell can play a critical role as you clear away blocks and begin taking charge of your life.

The Well of Roswell

770 Old Roswell Place Suite I-100. Roswell, Georgia 30076

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Donna Futrell



Stacy Preece


Appointments available daytime, evening and weekends.

Please call individual practitioner to schedule.