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New Year’s Eve Burning Bowl Channeling 123123 from Ascended Master Kathumi Via Becky Arrington

Dearest Ones,

 Alas we welcome you to the New Year and we welcome you to the beginning of the 5th dimension. There has been much talk about this time and we understand it may be difficult to imagine you are here. But the abilities and the energetics are here, if you are ready. You have new-found abilities you have not even discovered yet. You have support beyond belief, and you have the world at your asking….IF you truly approach all situations, people and beliefs with complete love in your heart.

   If you look around you at the world, the wars, the strife, poverty, conflict all the elements being brought to your attention in the 3D world….remember it is just a facet. The illusion that we often buy into. We do not wish to appear as those things do not exist, they do. But you have choices. Do you descend into the hopelessness and helplessness of that world, or do you take the energy and the love and the high vibrations you inhabit and direct them to those areas, people, situations? By focusing on that which we do not resonate with and blasting it with high level love and energetics begins to expand and grow that level of resonance. The more you look upon others and situations and see the love, humanity and beauty in them and focus on that, the more that will grow and begin to shift circumstances and initiate changes.

   Much as we have spoken in the past that the time of dissent and demonstrations is over, you are far more powerful when you focus your desire for change and surround things with that exalted energy to help initiate that transition. This works in your personal life as well. Letting go of the focus on lower emotions such as anger, envy, frustration, conflict and recognizing this is an illusion of some belief you have within yourself….clearing away the source of those feelings and understanding and knowing that all is in divine right order. Knowing that the universe will provide for you and trusting that it is all as it is supposed to be. Even when we experience loss, know that on some level there was a contract, agreement or a reason for that to go away and it will be replaced with something better for you. Trust that all that happens is for your best and highest good.

   You have moved out of karmic agreements and generational trauma. You no longer have to carry that around with you. Imagine you have a clean slate as you go into 2024. Now that is not to say that if you are still attached to something from the past, some sort of experience or emotion that you are hanging on to…spend the time to figure out why you are still attached, clear it and let it go. We must take the responsibility to take a moral inventory of ourselves and determine what is still present in our field and release it. An excellent experience to do at this time.

   All DNA strands are now available to you and with that come abilities such as self-healing, new chakras and increased psychic connections. But there also comes the responsibility of increased manifestation. So if you have not taken that moral inventory and cleared away anything of a lower vibration you have been holding onto, you can manifest in a less desirable way. And until you truly release all negativity from the past in this lifetime and past lifetimes, the resonance hovers around you. We would suggest you first and foremost have the desire to release, ask your guides for assistance in releasing and know that it will be done. But if you have not truly forgiven yourself and allowed yourself to be neutral in the issue, there is more 4th dimensional work to be cleared. And now is the time to do it.

   The ability to raise your energy to get above a situation and look at it in a non-judgmental way, no longer feeling any emotion surrounding it, is the best way to transmute negativity both in personal and worldly situations. When you get higher, beam down from your third eye love, pure love and surround the person, place or thing with it. This total immersion will begin to transmute and change the trajectory. In turn the more people who are enlightened in this way doing this same work, you can make short order of some very difficult situations in the world and change the energy and future.

    Be a beacon of light, to yourself and others. When you connect with another person-see the good in them and reflect that back to them. Your light will transform and uplift. Become the best version of yourself. Surround yourself with nurturing, nature, high vibration items and people. The more you do this, the more magical your life will become. Drawing to you all the positivity and leaving the negative behind. Your life will indeed change. You will become healthier, happier and those who are resonating at a lower vibration or causing conflict in your life will simply move away from you. If indeed they are not willing to change. No need to discuss, confront or have any type of exchange, they will no longer be attracted to your energy, it is no longer in alignment.

   The coming year will be filled with joy. Again, this will take a leap of faith on your part to look beyond the conflict, and strife to see the good and the positive. But the more you embrace and see what is right with the world and your life, the more it will continue to manifest. It is indeed a glorious time to be alive and you all signed up to be here for this transition into the 5th dimension. Own your decisions, demonstrate your purpose and be a force for good and change. And in most cases all you have to do is be. Know that you are loved beyond anything your human mind and heart can imagine.

    Know that there is a galaxy of guides waiting to assist, if you simply ask. Guides who are at the ready to help. Let go of the belief you are separate from source and you don’t deserve their help, because you are the physical embodiment of the divine, here to put into action the changes it will take for us to create the golden age…there are a host of helpers waiting on the inner planes to assist but are unable to do so until you ask. You are in partnership with God, here on earth to participate in the changing of dimensions and active in the transition into the higher realms. Participate in the alchemy, stake your claim in changing the world, of serving and actively engaging in this miraculous time.

Know that you are loved,

Ascended Master Kathumi

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