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2023-Time to Kick Karma to the Curb!

Our spiritual evolution has been ever present and ongoing, lifting us higher and higher in terms of vibration, regardless of whether or not you have been aware. With higher energies the old ways of thinking and doing no longer work, forcing us to evaluate what to hold on to and what to eliminate. Part of this new influx of higher vibration is a lovely gift from the universe. As we move into 2023 we are entering into new divine contracts that, upon activation, render the old karmic agreements complete. Yes, you heard that right…no more karmic contracts! Getting off the wheel of karma is incredibly freeing, but requires active participation. Often in the past we have chalked up difficult relationships, traumatic experiences, etc to karma. Some karmic debt is from past life relationships and actions that have followed you to this lifetime. Other debt relates directly to decisions in this lifetime. Letting go of blaming it all on karma requires taking full responsibility for all actions in your life moving forwards with a clean slate, living fully in the present. Here are a few ways you can begin to live karma free:

  • Be Grateful, live with gratitude and accept all of the life experiences you’ve had, both good and bad

  • Act with good intention

  • Check Your Motives- If you do good deeds for acknowledgment, it doesn’t count

  • Keep your attitude in check

  • Forgive

  • Think of others, but not at the expense of forgetting about yourself

  • Let go of past hurts, beliefs and experiences

  • Live, laugh and love like today is your last day alive

Part of the active participation is letting go of the old feelings, hurts and emotions that continue to live in your brain and body. It is like a muscle memory, a thought comes up and we automatically couple that with a belief. Doing repatterning work, hypnotherapy, EMDR are all modalities that can help clear and reprogram the subconscious to eliminate the patterns. It is also possible to shift these on your own. Awareness is important, so stopping the thoughts as they spiral back to the past and replacing them with new intentions and affirmations can help you begin to recognize what memories are especially prevalent. Repeated flipping those thoughts to new realities will begin to form new neural pathways and override the rutted repetition of the past patterns. Wishing all our friends, family and community a glorious, karma-free New Year!

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