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Stacy Preece is an Intuitive Development Coach, Intuitive Reader, and Energy Healer and Recovery Life Coach.

She has achieved many certifications over the years as a Certified Master Addictions Coach, Case Management And Relapse Prevention, John Maxwell Team Coach, Teacher, and Speaker, Conversational Intelligence Coach, Recovery Dharma Facilitator, Ordained Pastor and Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master and Energy Healer. She has also been a Professional Chef for 27 years.

Her greatest accomplishment today is being a person in long term recovery.

With many techniques, tools and systems she helps people see through adversity as we build strength and compassion, and with these foundations we have a skill set that builds on personal empowerment and accountability through connecting and understanding the Universe we live in today.

With an open mind and an open heart she uses many tools, mindfulness techniques, and various methods to help others in the paths she has walked find the answers their soul has been telling them, and have the faith to listen to their Divine Guidance.

She knows first hand that we must believe in ourselves to lead ourselves out of darkness and remember our Light.

Stacy G Preece

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