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Ring of Fire Eclipse/New Moon Recalibration and Renewal

Do you feel the power-a change welling up within you? The “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse is the first Libra eclipse since 2005 and is a powerful reset/beginning point. It is also a completion time that is prompting us to release an ancient karmic theme in self-love, self-value, self-expression, and how these themes are reflected in our relationship with ourselves, each other, and the world around us. This first eclipse highlights the error of our 3-D human ways so that we don’t repeat the same self-destructive patterns moving forward.

This is a moment to balance any inequities, raise our standards, and fine-tune our communication skills to express ourselves with spiritual honesty-to speak up for ourselves, reveal our truth, been seen and heard and be willing to ask for what we want and need so that we can attract new/true soul matches & harmonic life experiences.

Couple that powerful manifestation with the new moon also on the 14th and anything is possible. Go forth and is time for us to take our personal power back!

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