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Full Moon September 29th in Aries

This year’s Super Harvest Moon will shed light on the Aries-ruled house of your birth chart, illuminating the region where you seek independence, action, and achievement.

It’s a call for balance, since Libra season’s been motivating you to prioritize fellowships, attachments, and partnership. If you’ve felt disconnected from your sole ambitions, you’ll feel compelled to take sudden action in this area.

Since the moon’s more agitated in this cardinal, fire sign, you may feel more emotionally reactive than usual. Although this energy inspires action, be wary of making irrational decisions based on temporary feelings.

This full moon will be your not-so-gentle reminder that you and your wants and desires matter. It’s not selfish to have needs, and the people you surround yourself with should encourage you to put yourself first. In order to maintain healthy relationships with others, it’s essential your relationship with yourself is alive and well.

While it can be hard to juggle the two, you truly can’t have one without the other. If you’ve been overly concerned with keeping people happy, the Aries full moon is your chance to shift your attention back toward yourself. Let the haters hate.

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