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Frequency Healing with the INNER-Voice Scan

New voice technology in the AO Scan system can sense and analyze subtleties in your voice patterns. 

These patterns are interpreted and identify areas of emotional imbalance as well as physical conditions.














INNER-Voice illustrates the status of the physical and the emotional bodies and joins them together into harmony by applying tones to bring about a balanced energy system.

INNER-Voice records your voice during a 10 second session and analyzes it against the twelve defined notes or frequencies; C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A# and B.

Stated plainly, INNER-Voice diminishes frequencies that are in excess and supplements frequencies that we lack.


The music that AO Mobile associates with the Inner-Voice is not the therapy, it is just for comfort. The therapy is in the underlying tone of the selected piece.

The colors associated with the Inner Voice scan may be coincidently like those of the chakra’s, but it was not specifically designed that way. Tone or frequency has its own color and the Inner-Voice colors are the color of their associated tone.

The Inner-Voice technology is designed to accurately capture and analyze the data it receives form the voice and match it with the harmonics of the body and which organs are most effected by the emotions we are projecting through the frequencies of our “noise” or voice. This is why it cannot be fooled by trying to disguise ones voice or “noise.” Correct frequency cannot be disguised, only balanced or unbalanced.

THE AO scan is a tool like a simulator that helps us to look around inside our body just as we can look around the outside of our body with our own eyes. This does not mean we have a diagnosis of what we see. It simply means we can see, through a series of frequencies and biofeedback, to create a map to review and help us create a plan of how to direct our own health decisions. Tests and treatments with the AO Scanner help our bodies to remember or be re-educated to the correct frequencies of health.

You will receive a 7 page INNER-Voice analytical report of your four highest priorities for emotional and health balance.  These top four areas correlate to specific frequencies.  The AO SCan system can produce harmonizing or balancing frequencies in a MP3 form for you to listen to at home.   

Contact us for details and to book your appointment.

Becky Arrington


Donna Futrell


All links, articles, and references contained in these pages are for educational purposes only. Under no circumstances do we offer any form or type of medical advice or services. We urge that all medical decisions should be made in consultation with your qualified doctor or health care provider.

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