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Angela Harmon is a Pink Warrior with a compassionate heart towards those who lives have been affected by Cancer.  She uses her gift of intuitive touch to release trapped energy in the muscles, stuck joints and pinched nerves to assist others in living a better quality of life.

Angela is well versed in multiple massage modalities with an emphasis on stretch therapy, rehab/injury therapy and post-surgical lymphatic massage and offers Body-Sculpting and Cupping services as well.


Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Medicine (2009)

Master’s degree in Higher Education Administrative Leadership (2013)

Massage Therapy License (GA, AR, TX)

Work Experience

Massage Therapist for various High-End Spas

Massage Franchise Clinics

Mobile Therapist

 Massage Therapy Instructor

Massage Therapy Clinic Supervisor

Massage Therapy Program Director


Mondays - 4 pm-8 pm

By Appointment Only

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