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Mother's Day a Mixed Bag of Emotions

As Mother’s Day approaches, it is often fraught with a range of emotions. Perhaps you do not have fond memories of your Mom having grown up in a dysfunctional household. If you are a female and chose not to have children there can be some antagonism felt over having an entire day dedicated to the birthing of offspring. Or infertility may be plaguing your situation and the last thing you want is a reminder of a void in your life. You may have actual children but they are either estranged or choose to ignore the day. How about all the Dads doing both Mommy and Daddy duty? Did you choose to be a fur baby Mommy and don’t resonate with the hype surrounding the celebration?

All these examples are very real situations that don’t easily fit in the Hallmark greeting card stereo-type. Regardless of your past, present or future state regarding Motherhood, it is important to celebrate YOU. According to John Bradshaw –“it is never too late to have a happy childhood.”

Our Inner Child is still present, no matter what your age and for most is crying to get out. The Inner Child traits are best exemplified by fun, creativity, spontaneity and a YOLO attitude, all attributes that slot easily into all the Mother scenarios above. This Mother’s Day…focus on nurturing yourself; pamper, indulge, create, explore, engage and have some fun!

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