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Change or Chance?

The choice is you change or just allow things to happen? Many know all too well what happens when they don't heed the call to change, the spiritual 2' x 4' comes along to speed up the process. But you can have a powerful hand in directing that change, as opposed to leaving it all to chance.

Master manifester Jupiter is incredibly well placed in Pisces for more of the year, which reactivates our ability to attract. This was multiplied by Jupiter's April 12th rare conjunction in Neptune. Together, this duo will bring back creativity, abundance and compassion to our world. If you are feeling resistance to something in your life, look closely during this time to get a deeper understanding of that block and why it may be holding you hostage. We are being called to delve deep, figure out what holds you back and heal it in order to move forwards.

We at The Well of Roswell are poised to assist you in your spiritual growth and to help you make those changes easily and effortlessly. The talented practitioners who work out of The Well of Roswell offer a wide variety of modalities to help you in your healing journey. Each person is an independent business and schedules their own appointments. Our calendar is filling up with exciting offerings targeting the body, mind and spirit, so begin to plan your spring with us!

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