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Table Talk


Meet the characters who are present at your table of life.
By looking at the facets of your personality that weigh in on the important decisions
or events that are happening, you will begin to see how the individual "personalities" react.

A session with Becky will help you understand the fears and motivations
or each character. You'll "talk" to each personality and begin to allay their fears and
get them on board with your agenda or what you want to accomplish.

This is an excellent way to begin to transform and look within. It is done in a waking 
state and is the perfect way to understand what may be blocking you from success.


Time commitment: 2 hours, in person or via Skype $150 value

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Alchemical Hypnotherapy

Effectively clear stubborn blocks from childhood, prior experiences or past lives that are stopping you from being successful. Hypnotherapy is a way to bypass the conscious mind and go direct to the source to change. It is a great adjunct to traditional therapy, used to jump start and clear away long held issues. Best of all, it is sustainable.


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We all need guidance and there is nothing better than getting information from your highest guides and teachers. Becky Arrington is a spiritual channel with an international following. She will tap into your team and answer your questions, give you direction and put you in touch with the highest energies. 

Cost is $100 for 1 hour


Contact Becky Arrington 770-778-2051 to book today.

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