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Spiritual Healing, Steps to Heal Yourself Naturally by Laura Barnes

Day-to-day, everyone faces challenges that leaves them feeling stressed, confused, or clouded. Spiritual healing fights these negative emotions, bringing balance back into your life. Whether you’re experiencing sickness and emotional problems, like depression or addiction, or more concrete obstacles, spiritual healing is a natural way to ease your suffering. While there are many spiritual healing techniques, below, we’ll walk you through a five-step, proven process.

The 5 Steps of Spiritual Healing

1. Awareness of Your Situation

The first step in spiritual healing is recognizing your pain and overcoming your fears. Sometimes, we have the tendency to run away from distress because we do not want to deal with the pain. However, by avoiding the object of your anxiety, you make it harder to heal, and you allow this distress to haunt you. The truth is, the sooner you address the cause of your difficulty, the sooner you’ll get freedom from the pain.

2. Honoring Your Feelings

After you face the source of your anxiety, you need to acknowledge your pain. Feel your emotions deeply, and question what their source is. This is the stage where you need to be absolutely honest about your feelings. It’s also the phase where it’s normal to feel like situations are beyond your control, which can make you feel hopeless. However, by allowing yourself to feel rage, it becomes easier for your wounds to heal.

3. Compassion

The good thing about honoring your pain is that it teaches you self-forgiveness. You should be able to feel the kindness within you, hear the words ‘It’s okay,’ and experience all the love you have for yourself. In this stage, your spiritual healing is in the make it or break it phase. Here, you will feel a conflict between the instinct to heal on your own, and the desire to accept your situation and seek support to get healed. Though it’s difficult, by choosing the latter, you prove that you have an unwavering determination to get healed.

4. Surrender Your Pain

Surrendering your pain means releasing your pain and seeking support from the universe. Remember, when you want spiritual healing, you have to place your faith in the universe. Like a mother to her child, the universe will help you ease your sufferings.

5. Feel a Lighter Heart

When you release your pain and sufferings, the negative ego vanishes from within you and makes your heart feel lighter. This is a sign of spiritual wellness. Once you’ve reached this step, you’ll start to feel a deep openness towards things and think with a peaceful mind. You’ll become whole again, and you’ll develop the ability to deal with the disruptions of your life with tolerance.

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