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Covid? Or is Spiritual Flu Plaguing You?

Anybody else Covid-paranoid? In the past month almost all my friends and many acquaintances have all contracted The Rona. After taking numerous tests in response to runny nose, earache, sore throat, etc, they have all come back negative. Which led me to investigate something called “spiritual flu.”

As we ascend, and become more expansive with our energy and vibration, there are often physical symptoms that come along with it. The ascension or awakening process can be brutal. Not because the higher frequencies we are aligning with are harmful, but because the release and surrender of our low-vibrational attachments (think fear, negativity, ego) are so hard to let go of. So we resist, and it hurts.

Although the spiritual growth is more mental and emotional, our bodies feel it too.

With any kind of physical ailment, there’s an energetic component. This could be obvious – like your shoulders or back hurting when you are overwhelmed due to the weight of the world you are carrying. Or, the root of your illness could run so deep that it’s ancestral, carried in your DNA and impossible to identify, looking at only this lifetime. Any treatment of a physical issue requires tapping into this root, the energetic cause which could be something like a trauma, a familial belief pattern or even an ancient spiritual contract. Find a way to access this, do the work to clear it out and you’ll see its physical manifestation shift.

Here is a list of the most common ascension symptoms, and interestingly most mimic the Coronavirus exactly.

1. Aches & Pains-Unexplainable achy-ness, joint or muscle pain can be a sign that your body is re-adjusting to a new frequency. Gentle yoga flows, targeted energy healing and drinking plenty of water, and adding mineral salts to your bathing water, are all ways to soothe these flu-like body aches.

2. Headaches-Some of the worst ascension symptoms to experience are headaches. Often these relate to the third eye and/or crown chakras being opened, causing any ‘junk’ that’s in the way (possibly stored in the pineal gland) to be released. Overthinking, and trying to ‘figure things out’ will often make it worse, as the higher vibrational alignment you’re being called into isn’t (yet) perceivable by the logical brain, so doing this is an expression of your resistance. Essential oils are a great healing resource for these kinds of ascension headaches.

3. Runny Nose/Blocked Sinuses-Symptoms that may also be connected to the third eye chakra. But in addition, an excess of mucus can be a physical manifestation of the intense release of debris from your whole being. If accompanied by coughing, and the mucus is being brought up from the lungs, it’s a sign the heart chakra is undergoing a clearing too.

4. Sore Throat-Related to the ascension symptoms above, a sore throat can be a further sign that your highest chakras are moving into wholeness. But a sore or achy throat also ties into self-expression. Many lightworkers and people who are raising their consciousness and undergoing spiritual awakening are still not talking about it openly. Sure, it’s scary and puts you in a vulnerable position (and a lot of the fear we hold of talking about the unseen realms is down to ancestral conditioning) but it’s the truth, and it’s important to discuss. As an ascension symptom, a sore throat may indicate the adjustment occurring, as these old fears of speaking out are released.

4. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)-This is unexpectedly common and actually pretty scary for many people. Can last just a few moments, or go on for a few days. As sound is the closest vibration to the astral realms, we’re able to feel through our senses, it’s where many of the finer adjustments of ascension can be perceived.

5. Sensitivity to noise-Another flu-like ascension symptom which can make it truly hard to get out there and face the world when you’re suffering is high sensitivity to noise. Especially if you’ve been working through emotional blocks relating to conditioning around your perception, and what you believe to be true about the world. This may also be a sign of clairaudience – the ability to hear psychically.

6. Fluctuating Temperature-A common flu-like symptom caused by spiritual activation is your body temperature rising or falling unexpectedly. Imagine your phone when you’ve been on a call for an hour- it gets uncomfortably hot. When there’s a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ activation happening, your body temp can go haywire.

7. Heart Palpitations-Scary, yes. Your heart rate may change, speed up, or flutter without any external cause. This may be another symptom of heart chakra opening.

8. Changes in Appetite-The human body’s need for nourishment can fluctuate dramatically when your level of consciousness rises and symptoms of ascension hit. You may not be hungry at all for months. You may feel starving all the time! You may crave only light, raw food as the vibration of your physical body rises. Or you may desire heavy, protein-rich food as you feel the urge to ground. Don’t resist whatever messages your body is giving you. Eat what you need to. When you need to.

9. Lethargy / Low Energy-A very common symptom of spiritual awakening is low energy levels due to moving through lots of internal adjustments, it’s exhausting. But if this becomes ongoing or shifts into depression, seek help. Long term unhappiness is not acceptable, whatever your circumstances.

10. Sleep patterns changing-Regularly waking up at 3 am? Needing a mid-afternoon nap? As your internal body structures are reorganizing and up-leveling, you may find that you need to recharge at odd hours of the day, or that you wake up energized at equally odd hours of the night! When possible, go with it and trust that your body is doing what it needs to and will soon return to balance.

Look no further than The Well of Roswell to help in your ascension process. Whether it is getting rid of addiction or emotional baggage, or you are in need of energetic body work, we have it all here with our talented and tapped in practitioners.

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