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April and Its Unique Alignments

April has been an active month in the cosmos, bringing some unique astrological events, such as the conjunction of Jupiter the planet of luck, philosophy and expansion with Neptune the planet of dreams and illusions. Jupiter’s growth-oriented energy helps us expand our minds, manifest abundance, and often brings good fortune, while Neptune’s mystical energy is associated with intuition, spirituality, and symbolism, but its hazy vibe can sometimes make it hard to see things clearly. When these two planets form a conjunctive aspect, it makes it easier for us to fully embrace our spiritual self and enhance our creative instincts. It’s great for deepening any mystical practice, expressing emotions through art, and tapping into our intuition.

Jupiter and Neptune come together in the zodiac approximately every 13 years, making this a relatively uncommon alignment, although it’s very rare for them to meet in the sign of Pisces. This hasn’t happened since 1856 and won’t again until 2188. Jupiter will stay through May 10th and enter again from the end of October to December 20th. This auspicious period could bring rapid spiritual growth, dreamy artistic inspiration, and a deep sense of idealism. It’s also great time to pursue the exploration of mystical arts, creativity, or emotional healing. On the other aspect, Neptune only visits Pisces every 165 years, but will stay more than a decade.

And to finish out this month of exceptional alignments, April 30th is a solar eclipse! It’s also the second new moon in April, titled a rare “Black Moon.” Eclipses are known for bringing rapid shifts and unexpected twists of fate into our lives, and they’re believed to help us realign with our destiny, even if our lives get turned upside down in the process. With the new moon in Taurus, it puts emphasis on our self-worth, material possessions, and physical environments. This could totally change the things we value and want to work toward, as well as deliver sudden new opportunities in the realms of money and resources. Eclipse cosmic periods can be chaotic, but the stable and sure-footed Taurus energy can help us stay steady amidst the shake-ups.

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