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America's Birthday Blues-A Country in a Pluto Return Crisis

As the United States celebrates its birthday, we all are experiencing the nation’s first Pluto Return, marking the EXACT position it was on July 4, 1776!

Birthday Blues indeed...but could a Pluto Return be the culprit for a country in crisis? Americans are currently facing the uncovering of corruption, wrongdoing and power struggles hiding in the shadows. Personally, you may be concerned about economic woes, loss of personal rights, questioning foundational relationships and having issues with those closest to you. It could also signal a shift in career, location or physical challenges.

Pluto is a slow-moving planet located at the edge of our solar system and it takes 248 years to complete a revolution around the sun. Often linked with the Lord of the Underworld, Hades, Pluto represents death and rebirth as well as metamorphosis. It urges us to purge all that we have been suppressing, hiding and covering up.

It is also a planet associated with Scorpio, weaving the story of our fears, obsessions, secrets and power. Pluto empowers, twists, distorts and deconstructs, and functions by removing what destroys our growth and expansion, forcing us to face our collective shadow. Pluto is set to tear down problematic tenets and laws that are part of the United States’ DNA, providing us with a unique opportunity to redefine who we give power to and how to harness it ourselves.

The United States’ Pluto Return is in Capricorn, meaning that the transformations and purging will mainly reflect on topics such as finances, authority, power, resources, governmental structures, banking systems, agriculture, values, etc.

Since Pluto is the great revealer who transmutes the poison into a cure; catharsis, change and accountability are at the core of this transit. As a result, we may experience civil unrest, conflicts, over-thrown institutions and many crisis-oriented events that could reverberate to the rest of the world. Sounding familiar?

All this chaos serves a greater purpose: to rebalance the power dynamics and bring about a new paradigm, one that fits with our current needs and considers our prior mistakes. Learning from the past is critical, for it is only through humility and radical acceptance that we will benefit from this transit.

Avoid the fear and view this as a portal through which deep shadow work can be done. Dig through the darkness and birth new beginnings. Nurturing, gentleness and support are key. We are not separate from the rest of the world, but a living part of an interconnected system, so by nurturing others we ultimately give to ourselves.

The silver lining of the 2022 United States Pluto Return is that nothing can stop the great awakening of humanity. Finally, a new era is upon us after the wrongs have been exposed, acknowledge and addressed. The Pluto Return doesn’t mean the entire nation will collapse or your savings will vanish. But whatever does fall was not built on solid ground to begin with.

Choose your actions wisely, trust your intuition and make decisions based on a new focus of faith, gentleness, compassion and humanity. In a world of increasing darkness, we now more than ever need to seek out the avenues of light.

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