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Time Travel...the Journey of Past Life Regression

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

We all would like to think we were Cleopatra or Ghandi in a past life, but most likely a simple peasant or regular Joe was your lot. That is not to say important information could be gleaned from exploring a past life.

Past life regression is a therapeutic technique that is used to access memories from one’s past lives revealed through hypnosis. The reflection of the memories has been found in various mediums such as dreams, hypnotic states, and near-death experiences.

This type of regression has been historically practiced as a tool for uncovering hidden issues for those who are not able or willing to access their memory consciously. It can also be used to gain insight into current relationships, talents, or interests.

As an example, a woman in this lifetime was intent on divorcing her husband but seemed to be unable to complete the process. In a past life regression, it was revealed that the current husband, in that lifetime was her son, who had wandered off and drowned in a river. At the time she vowed if given the chance, she would never let him go. That statement created an ongoing contract between the two of them. After understanding the vow, in a session she was able to address the husband and rewrite the contract, thus releasing her from permanent attachment.

Having a specific intention going into a past life regression helps focus the journey, as we have lived thousands of lives. It is also possible to do future life progression, to access what your future might hold. This can serve to help you make some changes in your current life to change the trajectory.

By looking into our past, we can understand specific reasons why we chose a specific career, uncover talents and generally give insight to help you live a better, more peaceful current life by releasing patterns bringing about self-understanding, forgiveness and healing.

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