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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 11-08-2022

If you are one of the nation’s poll workers getting up for election day or other early morning risers, you will witness a full moon lunar eclipse in North America.

The frost moon is one of the names given to the November full moon, but it's also referred to as the beaver moon, a nickname inspired by nature. The frost moon is named for the timing of the first hard frost, and the beaver moon is due to those mammals building their winter dams by the light of the moon and hunters setting traps to capture the heavy pelts to stay warm during the winter.

The moon moves through multiple signs during each month, but generally a full moon occurs when the moon is in the opposite sign of the sun. The sun is in Scorpio currently, therefore the full moon will be in the sign, Taurus.

Full moons are considered a reflection of our hearts and emotions, while the sun represents power, how we enter the world, and the core of who we are. In opposite signs, the sun and moon pull in counter directions, creating tension which opens our ability to be and feel more than at other times.

Spiritually, the beaver moon in 2022, being an eclipse, signifies the collective soul karma and soul destiny. Sitting fully in Taurus, this moon will bring with it powerful, determined energy. However, you may run the risk of potential fallouts with those with already strong personalities. Taurus is characteristically tough and grounded but can be a bit stubborn. No doubt it will leave us all feeling strong but be mindful that this strength of won’t have to leave us inflexible. Perhaps a powerful lesson coming on election day.

Overall, during this beaver moon we will be learning to let go of drama, power plays, and being overly materialistic, moving us toward appreciating basic values, being calm, and feeling safe and secure. Simple pleasures and creature comforts take on elevated meaning, it is truly a time of nurturing. As a total lunar eclipse, this moon gives us a six-month timeframe for manifesting any intentions we may set during this ecliptic cycle.

Astrologically, full moons signify the end of a cycle. Reflect back on the last six months to see what comes to light. This full moon eclipse may also encourage you to get out of your comfort zone. Just remember that greater stability and security are on the flip side of uncertainty.

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