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Dee Corley

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Dee Corley is a psychic healer, reader and life coach.


At times, Dee does all of that at once in her sessions.  As an intuitive life coach, Dee responds to the level of your desire for transformation. The stronger your ask of the Universe, the more you will draw from our energetic connection.

What if we could go back to a disempowering memory and clear away the charge on the event, in just moments? The painful event or decision you made happened. And we can always remove the energy
connected with the event. This means you don’t have to live with the painful emotions attached to it, leaving you feeling lighter, with more joy.

Are you seeking empowerment?


Dee can help you to build a toolbox that will already be transforming
your world with our first session.

Are you discovering your connection to energy or spirit while desiring guidance and clarity around it all?

Dee can help you to discover what’s true for you and what isn’t.

Dee is an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator and Facelift Practitioner Certified in Holographic Kinetics, Awakening Dynamics and other modalities. Dee is Reiki certified, however, she was innately attuned and healing others long before exploring Reiki.


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