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May...By the Numbers

Monthly numerology is derived by taking the month and the year, then adding up all the numbers to arrive at a universal month number. The equation is5+2+0+2+3=12 1+2=3

The month of May 2023 in numerology is a universal number THREE.

Three is the number of the teacher, of creation, communication and community, so in very succinct and simple terms, it’s the month you put yourself out there to teach, share and communicate all your ideas, building a community to support and help you foster and grow those concepts.

With Mercury in Retrograde till the middle of the month, you will find that the process of communication will be slower, as you will have to be more thoughtful about how you communicate with the energy pulling you slightly into the past and into some fears around this. We recommend that you do some work to clear those fears, clear the past, before you proceed with sharing your ideas or communicating, as the residue of those fears may cloud your communication.

The month will be a little frustrating in the earlier part of the month as your flow of ideas and communications will be a little slower than usual but be patient with yourself and know that the time is soon for you to fasten your seatbelts mid-month as the ideas flow and your desire to share and communicate to the world will exacerbate.

Notice number sequences and the messages they are repeating ; they would have started slowly in April, but will speed up their recurrences mid-May and beyond.

May the Numbers be on your side.

By Alka Kapoor

Alka is part of The Divine Path, check out her information.

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