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Awake or Aware? You May Be Having a Spiritual Awakening!

WAKE UP! Since the isolation and for many the introspection of the pandemic, a lot of people are emerging with a new awareness that can result from circumstances they have no control over such as illness, death of a loved one, a trauma, divorce or loss of a job. When we are powerless in a situation, after the grief, anger, rage and frustration....there is surrender, which gives way to a new energy, a shift in consciousness, and eventually peace.

Here is a list of Signs of Spiritual Awakening you may be experiencing:

You are going through a rough situation

Life may feel meaningless

Urge to spend time alone

You start asking deep questions to yourself

People in your life may begin leaving

You earnestly want to change

Suddenly you are more sensitive

There is a new craving for a purpose in life

Awareness that most people are sleepwalking through their lives

Start becoming more compassionate towards others

Want to help other people

Start seeking happiness and inner peace

May want to change job/career

You become aware of your own negative habits

Intuition level is raised

You realize that we are all One

Inner push to begin a spiritual journey

Amazed to see the synchronicities in your life

As you begin your spiritual journey, we at The Well of Roswell are ready to assist with education, healing modalities, classes and enlightening experiences. Please check our events page regularly and come connect with an open, loving spiritual community.

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