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Lauren Felker is the owner of Lasting Touch Myofascial Release. I practice the John F Barnes method of Myofascial Release as well as Energetic Healing.

I am a licensed massage therapist and a graduate of a two-year Energetic Healing class from WhiteWinds School of Energetic Medicine.

John F Barnes' Myofascial Release (MFR) is a gentle, full-body, holistic form of hands-on bodywork that focuses on releasing the restrictions and imbalances of the connective tissue or fascia by applying gentle sustained pressure to eliminate pain and restore motion. 


Lasting Touch Myofascial Release (MFR) works with your body to unwind your fascial restrictions allowing you Freedom from Pain. 

My intent with MFR is to assist my clients with achieving relaxation, pain reduction, and ultimately maintaining optimal structural alignment and overall well-being.  In each session, I partner with my client to not only build a customized treatment plan but also share my knowledge so that he or she has a better understanding of his or her body and how to better support it.

Lauren Felker

(770) 912-2674

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