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Focus on: Spiritual, Relationship, Twin Flame, Inner Child, Trauma, PTSD, Addiction Recovery, Attachments, Newly Awakened Empaths, Fear

Qualifications: Relationship Reinvented Certified Coach©, Relationship Reinvented Certified Root Camp Coach©, Holy Fire III© Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna© Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Healer, Access Bars© Facilitator, Transforming Blockages Facilitator©, Herbalist, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Intuitive, Medium, Entity Removal Expert, SRT certified practitioner.

Glenda is a natural born healer who is on a lifelong mission of learning and self-discovery by going deep within to liberate herself from misery and past pain in order to help others out of the darkness and into light. After meeting her Twin Flame, struggling to cope with out of control autoimmune disease, and severe past child hood trauma became too much to handle Glenda began the holistic path doing the
inner work by working with healers and taking as many classes and reading as many books as she could to be able to see what worked best for her. In the midst of her own healing she realized she had a passion to help others out of misery and pain as well.


Through her own journey Glenda has learned a wide variety of modalities. Having a wide variety of tools allows her to customize your experience to get rapid transformation in your life.

Working with people in pain, reconnecting them to themselves and their worth is her soul’s mission and passion. Everyone deserves to be whole, happy, peaceful, and free from pain.


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