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Danielle Green

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Danielle Green is a certified Holistic Health, Life and Transformational Nutrition Coach.


She also has worked as a nurse for close to 20 years in many varieties of settings. She coaches and helps women learn what they really need to feed themselves: mind, body, and soul. Her clients take control of their nutrition, how they handle stress and their lives in general, to be able to “calm the chaos” and create momentum towards their goals.


Personally, she loves trying new recipes and discovering new flavors especially the ones she can share with her family. Cooking foods that the entire family will love is a passion of hers!


What’s really feeding you??


Having a hard time figuring it out?


Then Danielle is the nutrition coach for you! During her free Calm the Chaos Sessions, she coaches you to sort through what goals are most important to you and helps you come up with an action plan to tackle them!


So, book a free session today and take that first step towards getting your health and your life back on track! You don’t have to do this alone! She’s got your back!


Love and Light, 

Danielle Green

Book a Private Session:
Phone:  404-913-4916

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